Interdistrict Attendance Appeals

NewsFlash!  Two new laws address residency requirements for school attendance

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The Tehama County Board of Education has prepared this Handbook to provide direction and information to students and/or their parents/guardians, who wish to appeal a school district's decision not to grant an interdistrict attendance agreement. This Handbook constitutes the official procedures adopted by the Tehama County Board of Education for conducting interdistrict attendance appeals. Particular attention should be paid to issues noted in "italics or bold/underlined print." In the past, these issues have been found confusing to those filing appeals. The Tehama County Board of Education is committed to an objective review of and consideration of appeals for students denied interdistrict attendance agreements from local school districts. The laws on student attendance, interdistrict attendance agreements, and interdistrict attendance appeals found in California Education Code Sections 46601-46611, as well as the local school district's policies and administrative regulations for interdistrict attendance, also apply in these appeals. Students and/or their guardians have the right to review student records at the school district, and have the right to consult with and engage the services of an advocate or an attorney. We hope that this Handbook will be useful to you after you have exhausted your appeal rights within your local school district.