Our Staff


Bridge to College and Career is expanding to better serve the students of Tehama County. Outreach now extends to grades 6 through 12 at eight schools: Red Bluff Union High School, Salisbury Continuation High School, Vista Preparatory Academy (Justin Henry, Program Specialist); Corning High School, Centennial High School, Gerber School (Patrick Mair, Program Specialist); Maywood Middle School and Woodson Elementary School (Yadira Valera, Program Specialist). Jason Mitchell, Program Support, will provide mentoring and tutoring at multiple sites. Marilyn Zimmers is the administrative assistant for the program director, Sherry Davis, EdD., and the department. Contact the staff with questions about the ETS/Bridge to College and Career program, eligibility, financial aid, or anything related to services available. 

Sherry Davis

SHERRY DAVIS | 530-528-7364
Project Director
Ed.D and M.Ed CSU Northridge:
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies​

"I have worked in education at all levels K-14 in Texas and California since 1996. I am a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, and massage therapist and believe career-focused education is for all students, no matter their socioeconomic background, language, culture, or family educational achievements. I love helping students (of all ages) find their passion in life no matter what career or area of interest that may be. Everyone should follow their passion in life for careers. I love being on the Coast, outdoors, camping, hiking, horseback riding, photography, and swimming--all when time permits for fun and relaxation."

Justin Henry

JUSTIN HENRY | 530-356-3730 
Program Specialist
RBUHS | Salisbury Continuation HS | Vista Prep Academy

BA CSU Chico: Psychology & Gender/Sexuality
Minor, Micro Expressions

"I love spending summers with family and friends out on the lake learning different ways to crash...I mean, flip on a wake board. I myself have gone through the process of our program, start to finish, and I am proud to say I am a first generation/low income TRiO alumni! This program taught me resiliency, ambition, and that anything post-secondary isn't this distant dream--it's a well thought out and executed plan."


YADIRA VALERA | 530-720-4415
Program Specialist
Maywood Middle School | Woodson Elementary
BA CSU Chico: Anthropology and French​

"I am honored to be working at Maywood and Woodson schools this year! I am a RBHS alum, class of 2010 and graduated CSU Chico in 2015. I am a first generation college graduate and it was because of my experiences as a student that I truly enjoy working directly with students to share my story and empower them to also pursue a post-secondary education. If the UEFA champions league is on or a major futbol cup is playing then I'll be in front of a big screen watching. Otherwise, I enjoy staying active going to Zumba sessions, playing volleyball in my backyard or simply laying back in a hammock with anything written by Ana Castillo glued to my hands."​

Patrick Mair

PATRICK MAIR | 530-524-3268
Program Specialist
Corning HS | Centennial HS | Gerber School
M.Ed Concordia University: Curriculum and Instruction 
BA Azusa Pacific University: Psychology

"I am a product of Evergreen Elementary and Red Bluff High School with 20 years experience working with students at the high school and middle school levels as coach and mentor. Athletics, specifically track and field, has played a major role in my life, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Spending time with my two sons, family gatherings, sports, fishing, music, and outdoor adventures are my 'go to' for fun and relaxation."

Justin Mitchell

JASON MITCHELL | 530-528-7362 
Program Support | Mentoring | Tutoring
BA Simpson University: Leadership & Organization
Minor, Psychology

"I've been in the education field in some capacity since 1995 as a preschool teacher, an aide, a site liaison, an enrichment teacher, and a teen counselor. I just received my Bachelor's degree from Simpson University. Seeing firsthand the effect a lack of a college education can have on someone's life, I look forward to helping students achieve their goal of going to college.  I've lived in California most of my life, and during my off time I enjoy fishing, the mountains, and the ocean." 

Marilyn Zimmers

MARILYN ZIMMERS | 530-528-7362 
Administrative Assistant II
MS Southern Oregon University: Adult Education
BA Southern Oregon University: Communications, Education

"College, to me, was a means to an end. I always wanted to teach and getting my teaching credential was my main goal. Along the way, I fell in love with teaching theatre arts and English, which I did for 12 years. It's exciting to be a part of Bridge to College and Career and sharing with students that college really can be possible! I teach faith art journaling and mixed media, plus love to scrapbook, paint, and read."