Parent Toolkit



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Parent's Guide to Assessments in California:

Guide to Assessments PDF

Video- Assessment and Common Core 

Video- Raising the Bar: Implications on Test Scores with Common Core 

Student Score Reports 

Common Core Resources


Web Resources:

Homework Help Resources

Milestone Videos from are short videos for parents that show what children in grades K-5 should be able to do in each grade

The Super 5 The Super 5 provides tips and tools to help your child succeed in school. As you prepare for Back to School, check out this new resource from National PTA, Scholastic, and Learning Heroes!

GreatKids State Test Guide for Parents GreatSchools has developed a free online tool parents can use to understand their child’s new Smarter Balanced score report and find resources they can use to help at home. Give it a try by clicking the link above, or see how the tool works in this one-sheet (PDF).



Parent Handbooks:

These Parent Handbooks include an introduction to the Common Core State Standards, an overview of what your child will be learning about in English language arts/mathematics, tips for talking to your child's teacher, and ideas/activities to help your child extend learning at home.

Preschool NA N/A
Kindergarten GR0-EN GR0-SPAN
First Grade GR1-EN GR1-SPAN
Second Grade GR2-EN GR2-SPAN
Third Grade GR3-EN GR3-SPAN
Fourth Grade GR4-EN GR4-SPAN
Fifth Grade GR5-EN GR5-SPAN
Sixth Grade GR6-EN GR6-SPAN
Seventh Grade GR7-EN GR7-SPAN
Eighth Grade GR8-EN GR8-SPAN
High School GR12-EN GR12-SPAN