Makerspace Summer Workshop Registration

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Duck Tape Fun 

Come and explore all the amazing things that you can create with Duck Tape! We will be providing the supplies for anyone interested in this workshop. There will be instructions for several different Duck Tape projects on each of the tables for you to reference while making. Bring a friend or family member to join in on all the fun we will be having at this workshop! There will be a 2 hour time frame to drop in and create, so feel welcome to stay the whole time or just for the time needed to finish your project.

​Sock Dolls

Sock dolls are fun and easy to make!  With a few simple supplies, you can make your own soft, cuddly sock baby that you can carry with you or give to a new baby, a friend, or even your favorite pet.  Sock dolls are washable and durable.

​Coding Fun

We are diving into electronics and coding at the Makerspace this summer! Be prepared to have fun, to learn, and to explore technology in a whole new way!

​Lego Fun 

This Lego Fun day will be open to anyone who is interested in building with legos! We have a variety of legos that will be spread out on several tables, along with a few books with step by step instructions. You can stay for the full 2 hours or just drop in and tinker for a little while, we would be glad to have you come tinker with us! If you are under 18 please come with an adult.​

Makerspace Open House (Does not require registration)

The open house days will be open to anyone who wants to just stop in, get a tour, or do some free style making. We will set out 2-3 different options for individuals to explore and create using different types of materials or devices.Come tinker with your family and explore what the Makerspace has to offer you! If you are under 18 please come with an adult.

  • June 25, 2015 1:30-3:30
  • July 7, 2015 1:30-3:30
Questions? Please contact: 
Syerra Eickmeyer