"The term (Maker Education) generally refers to using a wide variety of hands-on activities to support academic learning and the development of a mindset that values playfulness and experimentation, growth and iteration, and collaboration and community. Typically, "making" involves attempting to solve a particular problem, creating a physical or digital artifact, and sharing that product with a larger audience. Often, such work is guided by the notion that the process is more important than results" - Benjamin Herold


About our Makerspace

​Makerspace is a unique educational environment where students learn by doing. We offer a wide variety of hands-on activities including coding, electronics, digital media, engineering, videography, and other STEAM related projects. Not only does our curriculum support the development of the 21st century workplace skills, it is also aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and supports the Common Core problem solving and processing skills. We find that by focusing on projects that are relevant to a student’s world and interests we are more likely to ignite a student’s passion for learning. A maker education has the potential to better engage students in school and prepare them for successful careers after graduation by enabling them to problem solve, collaborate, analyze, question and explore. 

Our Vision

To foster creativity and lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Foster student engagement through hands on learning, focusing primarily on the engineering design process, to allow students to gain knowledge and practice the 21st century skills with emphasis on persisting, thinking flexibly, creating, imagining, and innovating, and thinking interdependently. As part of our mission, we aspire for teachers to adopt maker principles and incorporate them into their classroom teaching.


Hands-on minds-on learning for Tehama County students

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